François Corbel

A human who speaks with computers to create games.

An hippie game about playing Tag in a room.

Total Eclipse Of The Heart

Total Eclipse Of The Heart is a simple tag game answering to the theme of Ludum Dare 37: One Room. The idea was to use different perspectives of the same place and display it all together. Mainly designed as an experiment, the result can be difficult to understand.
For the purpose of this game, I used four cameras and developed a custom sprite player to display all sides of a character at the same time. I added an AI with different levels post game jam to allow single player.
You can try a very experimental online multiplayer developed with Photon Engine for Unity, here: Total Eclipse Of The Heart Multi
One or Two players.
Your friend tries to catch you, then you'll try to catch him...
You have to survive 30 seconds without being caught!
But there's a thing...
You look at four screens simultaneously !!!
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Credits: Lucien Coycault (Graphic Designer) and me.
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