François Corbel

François Corbel

A human who speaks with computers to create games.

François Corbel

François Corbel

Video Game Developer

After two years working on An Octonaut Odyssey, I know that I only want to do one thing: games. Passionate and detail-oriented Game Developer with expertise in C++ and Unity, dedicated to creating immersive gaming experiences. Proven track record in project management, development, design, and optimization. Seeking opportunities to contribute to innovative game development projects.

Work experience

Python Developer

3 months, 2015

AXA Assistance, Paris


12 months, 2012-2013

Wisecom, Paris

Current Skills


Higher National Diploma of Communication


Jeanne d'Arc, Rennes

English University


Villejean Université, Rennes

Science Baccalauréat specialized in Engineering



I read a lot of about neuro-sciences and psychology.

I really like these games: Minecraft, Inside, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Dofus, Age of Empire, Grand Theft Auto, Hotline Miami, No Man's Sky, Starbound, GoNNER, The Floor Is Jelly, Fez, Downwell, Towerfall, Leekwars.

I traveled through Europe but also in Thailand, India, and Japan.

I'm currently living in Paris, France.

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