François Corbel

A human who speaks with computers to create games.

François Corbel

François Corbel

Video Game Developer

After two years working on An Octonaut Odyssey, I know that I only want to do one thing: games. I'm proficient in C++ and Unity, details oriented and good communication practitioner thanks to my background.

Work experience

Python Developer

3 months, 2015

AXA Assistance, Paris

How could robots help dependent individuals to live at home? I had to answer that question with a team of 5 people for a worldwide insurance group.

  • Python development on the robot NAO of SoftBank Robotics
  • Technical recommendations

Web Developer

6 months, 2014

Padawan Group, Paris

  • Development of a tool to migrate a MySQL database to an elasticsearch solution with PHP
  • Development of a bash script to deploy several websites with Git
  • Ticket managing in collaboration with an Indian company


12 months, 2012-2013

Wisecom, Paris

I learned how to improve my communication skills with customers.

  • Customer support for an energy company
  • Web tools improvement
  • Community management for a French bank

Current Skills


Higher National Diploma of Communication


Jeanne d'Arc, Rennes

English University


Villejean Université, Rennes

Science Baccalauréat specialized in Engineering



I read a lot of about neuro-sciences and psychology.

I really like these games: Minecraft, Inside, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Dofus, Age of Empire, Grand Theft Auto, Hotline Miami, No Man's Sky, Starbound, GoNNER, The Floor Is Jelly, Fez, Downwell, Towerfall, Leekwars.

I traveled through Europe but also in Thailand, India, and Japan.

I'm currently living in Paris, France.

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