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A reversed RTS game


Sweet Arsenic

Have you ever played a reversed RTS game ?

Resilience is the first real-time strategy game where you deal with decline.\n \n A constant reduction in technology levels and resources will put you under pressure.\n As if that was not enough, the number of survivors is your score.\n If you lose them all, you lose the game!\n \n So… Ready for the challenge?\n
The world as our great-grandchildren know it just ended.\n \n Nobody knows how far the destruction goes. Everything and everyone has been shattered.\n As the leader of a group of survivors, you need to guide your people to somewhere safe.\n What they need is to settle and forget. What you need is strategy and resilience.\n \n Lead your people!\n \n It's up to you to make decisions but beware as it is a new and dangerous world.\n Bear in mind that choices always have consequences...\n
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Credits: Auri Palisson (CEO, Storyteller) , Malik Kaizane (GM, Technical Artist) , Michael Bondu (Business Director) , Fabrice Druet (Artistic Director) , Julien Barbe (Creative Director & Game Design) , Constant Pouliquen (Technical Director) , Antoine Plumeau (Lead 3D) , Samuel Zralos (Writer & Community Manager) , Claire Bourgoin (Marketing Director) and me.
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