François Corbel

A human who speaks with computers to create games.

A technique for generating images in 3D.

Ray Tracer

This project was made at the school 42 with C. In two weeks every student had to use the ray tracing technique to generate 3D images, followed by a month with a team of four people. Only one function was provided : SetPixel(x, y, color).
Those videos are the result of 4 peoples, implementing all basic shapes (planes, cubes, sphere, cones), lights (specular, diffuse, multiple), reflection and refraction. Every team member was involved in all aspects, but I implement Perlin noise alone in purpose to distort normals and proceed to strange effects...
It's a CPU program and those videos are not in real time.
Credits: Julien Balestrieri (Developer) , Guillaume Lasset (Developer) , Marion Debelle (Developer) and me.
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