François Corbel

A human who speaks with computers to create games.

A multiplayer platformer 2D about rhythm.

Poom Poom Tchi !

POOM POOM TCHI! is a multiplayer platformer 2D made for Ludum Dare 34. You need to combine keys in rhythm to protect, reload or fire. All actions happen at the same time. You just need gamepad controllers and some friends.
The gameplay come from a game that we used to play with friends during camping. The rhythm is given by clapping hands twice, then make a sign that represents one of the possible action (fire, shield, reload). It's the cowboy version of shifumi.
It was the first project on Unity for all the team members, made in three days. My role was to create characters movement and add animations.
Credits: Claire Allante (3D Artist) , Julien Balestrieri (developer) , Lucien Coycault (Graphic Designer) and me.
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