François Corbel

A human who speaks with computers to create games.

A competitive 1v1 prototype about casting.

Fake Cast Low Rez

I always wanted to use cellular automaton as an element of gameplay in a game. The Low Rez Jam was the perfect occasion to avoid performance problems linked to the complexity of that model.
Fake Cast Low Rez has been more about experimentations than creating a game. The system behind the game allows mixing several rules, to consider a sprite as an element of the grid and to use the colors of a sprite as a rule. Every object can possess his own cellular system and finally be printed on the main grid. There's no camera on the scene. Unfortunately, because of the lack of time, most of these features are barely used.
The idea of that game was to force the player to use fake casting.
(start casting and stop so that the enemy waste his mute)

[WASD] Move [IJKL]
[Q] Damage [U]
[E] Shield [O]
[R] Mute [P]

The shield is mainly a fake target. Move to interrupt casting. Try to survive.
You can play with some cellular automata rules with [1-7]
Credits: Julien Balestrieri (Developer) and me.
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